Window Box's

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KL Iron





Wrought Iron Window Boxes and Planters at Sale Prices!


Wrought iron window box planters and baskets for flowers.






The window box planter above is the 72" window box planter and was ordered 4" longer for the scrolls

to go past the wood trim around the window that measures 68" wide.






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Add life and color to your homes exterior with a custom handmade beautiful decorative wrought iron window box planter.

You can smell fresh flowers right next to your window planted in one of our wrought iron window box planters.

Every window box is individually hand crafted, hand forged, hand welded and built tough to last a lifetime. The window boxes are designed to hold up the weight of being filled to the top with dirt.

All of are products are made in the USA by KL Iron.

Up to 7 1/2" pots will fit in our window boxes or line your window boxes with a coco liner, peat moss, Spanish moss or a

plastic duraco liner. Plastic liners can be found at Home Depot, Menards, Ace Hardware, True Value, and Do it  Best.

Our window box planters will make your house come alive with a colorful display of flowers.



The window boxes come unpainted unless you

add the weather coating. The coating is satin black and can be painted over with any color.




KL Iron is a professional company that makes professional quality products.



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All window boxes come pre-drilled with 3/16" holes  for mounting and do not need mounting brackets .

 Window boxes over 72" will be shipped in two pieces and come with connecting fasteners to hold them together.


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KL Iron gives a 30 day money back guarantee buyer pays return shipping.



FINISHING unpainted wrought iron. These items can be finished to achieve the look you desire. You can brush paint, spray paint, let them rust, or powder-coat them. You should clean your product of any dirt or foreign substance with a clean dry rag or a clean rag with paint thinner then follow directions on paint container. Put on 2 good coats of paint do not use water base primers or paints as that will cause rust. Finish paint can be almost any exterior oil base paint. Do not paint over other paints with rustoleum as it will cause the paint to peal. Rustoleum paint is a very good paint to use on the bare metal. We have had many customers who like to keep the natural rustic look of rusted steel. To do this, you will have to let them rust to the look you want, then you can coat your item with a brush or spray on clear polyurethane coating.



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Flower Baskets and Window Boxes & Planters

Hanging baskets or window boxes full of flowers or foliage plants give a color boost to your house and garden. They can be used effectively even in a very small space. If you choose plants carefully, you can change the plantings to suit every season.






Container gardening has become all the rage in the last few years, and it's easy to understand why. Not only does it allow you to add life and color to your windows, porch, patio, or deck, but it also lets you change the scenery several times through the gardening season, so you've always got a fresh, vibrant arrangement. Even more to the point, it's fun. Mixing and matching annuals, perennials---both tender and hardy---and herbs in various combinations is really quite satisfying, and when a combination doesn't work out exactly as you'd have liked, well, there's always another container, another season, another chance. Container gardening is forgiving. And a deck or patio covered with all sorts of containers of different sizes, shapes, and materials, is still an inspiring and delightful visual treat for you, your family, and your friends, even if all the plantings are not, in your estimation, perfect. They'll still be beautiful.